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No matter what the purpose of a website, one thing that it needs to succeed is increasing targeted website traffic. Getting daily quality website traffic is often an uphill battle, as it can be difficult to build momentum for a newer site or one that doesn’t have a history of attracting visitors. One solution to this dilemma is to buy online traffic (visitors) from a reputable source.

How to buy traffic to your website?

You may want to buy hits or visitors for almost any purpose. This can be a shortcut to make a site more popular, to increase and boost your internet traffic and Alexa ranking. Alexa, of course, is the leading service that ranks sites based on the amount of traffic they receive. A higher Alexa ranking gives your site more credibility. This is especially useful if you ever want to sell your website. Prospective buyers will pay a higher price for a site that gets traffic.

Advertising formats:


When I first created my campaign with them, it was literally very easy to use. I created a campaign, entered my link, chose my target, submit for approval. That was it.
PPV is recognized as pop over traffic, but sometimes popunder works far better. The reason is you do not distract the end user from what they are doing. Once they close that main window they are introduce to your offer or landing page. It is less intrusive to the end user and the best part is if you are creative you can create a real good landing page.
With a small budget I was able to get a ton of impressions and utilize the network for some good conversions.

Select option:



Buy new clients


Get highly motivated visitors that would buy your product


Monetize your traffic


Find out way to recieve money from your site

Popunder case

As you can see above, I only paid about $50 and received 13,511 impressions and several conversions. Some offers worked and some don’t with 13k impressions there is a lot of room to test and ofcourse seeing what offers work and don’t.
- Advertiser

What to Consider When Buying Traffic

What factors should you consider when you want to buy quality traffic? While there are many sites where you can buy website visitors, you also want to be sure these are actual visitors who will provide value to your website. You not only want to buy real traffic, but you also want visitors who are potential prospects or customers. If you buy US traffic, for example, you can be sure that your visitors will understand the content on your site. Before ordering anything from a web traffic service, be sure to check where the visitors are coming from.

When you purchase website traffic, you should also consider what method is used to attract the visitors. Here are a few of the possibilities:

Popunder -After a visitor closes a banner ad, your advertisement will open a new window.

Clickunder -When visitors click anywhere on the site, your advertisement will open a new window.

Banner -This is a JPG, GIF or Flash banner that appears on the bottom of the site.

There are other types of advertising formats as well. You may want to test different formats and see which brings you the best results. You could, for example, buy popunder traffic and see what type of conversions you get. When buying traffic, you also have to consider the cost. Buying bulk traffic can be a good investment, as it’s quite reasonable and can help your site get a large number of visitors in a short time. Although cost is an important factor, you must also consider the

The Benefits of Buying Traffic For Website Development

There are several advantages you can gain by purchasing website traffic from a trusted source.

  • Large number of visitors in a short time.
  • Get signups to your mailing list.
  • Earn commissions on affiliate products.
  • Sell your own products.
  • Improve your Alexa ranking.

These are some of the reasons why it can be a good idea to purchase website traffic. If you are wondering how to buy traffic, the process is not difficult. You simply order the package that interests you and fill the website address where you want the traffic sent. Soon you will enjoy the benefits of getting lots of hits to your site.

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