Guaranted targeted traffic to your site

Many webmasters are now asking themselves how to get targeted traffic to your website. After all, if you want to succeed in your online marketing campaigns, you will need to not only build a steady stream of visitors to your website, but you will also need to ensure that these visitors are actually interested in what you have to offer, and thus would be likely to buy something from you. This is where targeted traffic comes in.

Thanks to our wide network of publishers, Popunder is able to bring you as much guaranteed targeted traffic as you need. Whether you want to buy just a few hits a day, or a few thousand, we can guarantee that we will be able to deliver high-quality traffic coming from real human visitors that will see your website. There are various kinds of targeting options that you can select from when you buy traffic from us. The most common one used by webmasters would be targeting by geography.


For example, if you are advertising a membership site that only accepts new customers from North America, you can set your targeting options to only receive traffic from that region. You can also opt to target people that are using a specific platform, browser or device. Such an option would be particularly useful for those that are offering software downloads on their site, or that are running a website that is specifically aimed at users of mobile Internet devices like smartphones and tablets. Finally, you can opt to target your traffic depending on the demographics of the sending site. So if you run a website that primarily caters to young adults, you can choose to receive traffic only from sites in our network that cater to this kind of demographic.

How to get targeted traffic today

If you want to buy targeted traffic today, you will find that our process is actually quite simple. All you would need to do is to sign up and then input the URLs to which you want to send traffic to. It is possible to specify multiple URLs if you want to send visitors to different websites that you own. Once your URLs are approved, you can select the targeting options that you want and our service can send you the traffic that you need. Getting targeted traffic from Popunder is an excellent way for online business owners to promote their website and have their products seen by people that are going to be interested in them.

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Popunder case

As you can see above, I only paid about $50 and received 13,511 impressions and several conversions. Some offers worked and some don’t with 13k impressions there is a lot of room to test and ofcourse seeing what offers work and don’t.
- Advertiser